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C programming pointers tutorial

C Programming Pointers Pt/1

This first tutorial will be a basic introduction to C programming Pointers.  They are an important part of the C language, providing a powerful and flexible method of manipulating data.  When pointers are used with functions, it allows the values of variables to be changed regardless of where they originated. Declaring A Pointer The code View more…

Stellaris DAC7571

Stellaris DAC7571 Tutorial

The Stellaris DAC7571 tutorial will show how a LM3S6965 evaluation board is interfaced to the DAC7571 using the I2C bus. DAC7571 Hardware The DAC7571 is manufactured by Texas Instruments, and has the following key features which make it ideal for experimenting with: 6 pins IC in a SOT23 package 12 bit buffered voltage output, therefore View more…