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MSP430 Voice Control Over Bluetooth HC06 module and Launchpad

MSP430 Voice Control Over Bluetooth

  In this tutorial I will demonstrate a MSP430 voice control over Bluetooth, using a HC06 Bluetooth module.  I will be using an Android App I programmed which can be downloaded and installed, the C code for the MSP430 is also downloadable at the end of the tutorial. **Update 18/01/2015 the Android App has been View more…

Switch Debouncing Tutorial

Switch Debouncing Tutorial Pt/2

  In this switch debouncing tutorial part 2 C code debounce algorithms will be looked at further, and their effectiveness.  All the software solutions shown will be demonstrated on the MSP430G Launchpad.  However the basic principle of operation shown in the examples, can be applied to all microcontrollers, particularly the last example which is based on some View more…

Switch Debouncing Tutorial

Switch Debouncing Tutorial Pt/1

  In this switch debouncing tutorial part 1 the cause and effect of switch bounce will be explained and demonstrated, then a cost effective hardware debouncing solution will be discussed, with oscilloscope captures to demonstrate the results.  The last section of part 1 will show a simple program based on the MSP430 , this can be used to see the View more…

MSP430 Programming Tutorial MSP430G2253 part 2

MSP430 Programming Tutorial Pt/2

  In this second part of the MSP430 programming tutorial examples of GPIO register settings will be shown and explained.  Additionally register examples for some of the internal peripherals will be demonstrated and explained.  The first part of the tutorial can be found here. Changing the GPIO Registers to your desired configuration The following examples should View more…

MSP430 Timer Tutorial Launchpad article

MSP430 Timer PWM Tutorial

  In this MSP430 timer PWM tutorial the basic workings of the on board timer peripheral will be explained, along with some C code examples which can be downloadable at the end of the tutorial.  Additionally the video below demonstrates the examples ‘A picture paints a thousand words, a video displays a thousand pictures’. The View more…

C2000 Programming Model Guide Tutorial

C2000 Programming Model Guide

  In this C2000 Programming Model Guide, the two basic approaches to programming on the C2000 will be over viewed using the C2000 Launchpad.  Some code examples will be shown, as well as a code execution speed test comparing the two methods.  All the code is written in Code Composer Studio (CCS) v5.5, with the latest version View more…