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MSP430G ADC tutorial featured

MSP430 ADC Tutorial

In this MSP430 ADC tutorial the MSP430G2253 will be used as an example.  Texas Instruments ships the MSP430G2253 microprocessor with the latest Launchpad, the datasheet for the MSP430G2253 can be downloaded here The MSP430G series devices are supplied in a number of packages with different specification and peripherals, there are 2 types of ADC, ADC10 and View more…

MSP430 State Machine tutorial part2 featured

MSP430 State Machine Project Pt/2

In part 2 of this MSP430 state machine project, I will overview the state machine logic, as well as covering the C programming code. State Machine The state machine diagram above illustrates the logic behind the state machines operation. The machine can only be in one state at a time, this is known as the View more…

MSP430 State machine hardware overview image

MSP430 State Machine Project Pt/1

MSP430 state machine project tutorial demonstrates a simple state machine, with a human interface consisting of 4 buttons, an LCD and some interfacing electronics. A video demonstrating the state machine code can be seen below. This project write up uses a state machine based in the C language, the state machine model is based on View more…