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C2000 projects and tutorials

C2000 Solar MPPT Tutorial C code Perturb and Observe algorithm

C2000 Solar MPPT tutorial Pt/1

  This series of four posts will cover a project build for a C2000 Solar MPPT Tutorial.  The Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) circuit is based around an interleaved synchronous buck circuit topology.  The microcontroller used is the Texas Instruments (TI) C2000 family, the C2000 Launchpad is used which has a TMS320F28027 chip on-board.  Considerable research View more…

Microcontroller GPIO Protection Tutorial

Microcontroller GPIO protection is an essential element of any circuit design. GPIO ports generally have maximum voltage and current ratings, if these are exceeded it can result in the microcontroller being damaged or completely destroyed. Therefore it is important to use external circuitry to protect the ports from excessive voltage, or excessive current being sourced View more…